Public institution Druskininkai Youth activity Centre

H O M E   F O R  Y O U T H   I D E A S


Public institution Druskininkai Youth activity Centre is a non–profit making establishment, which encourages Youth organizations and informal groups to self-expression, initiative and cooperating, also searches for new, unconventional and attractive activities and solves leisure problems of young people in Druskininkai.


The Youth activity centre works as an informal learning organization.

It involves young people in activities, where they can express themselves in an independent and self management mode.  The Youth have all the facilities to take full responsibility for themselves and their actions, to assay their abilities to learn, to behave and to communicate with others. In exercitation the experience of their social life and skills are established.


The main consideration imposed in creation of virile, initiative and responsible personality.

The main mission of our Centre is to encourage and materialize Youth initiatives by involving them in meaningful socialization activities and integrating them into community.

We also:

  • Propagate Youth informal learning, which would be based on self management, voluntarily and independent activities.
  • Collect information about other youth organizations and their activities. Inform and advice municipality organizations working with the Youth.
  • Regiment Youth groups accordance to their hobbies.
  • Arrange Youth cultural and social events, realize municipality and national projects.
  • Organize courses and seminars for young people and their leaders, which would help them gain more skills, experience and abilities.
  • Arrange municipality Youth’s actuarial case studies.


There are some formal organizations and informal Youth groups in Druskininkai.

They are gathered by Druskininkai Youth activity centre. Some organizations like Druskinininkai Board of Schoolchildren, Association  “Youth cinema’s club”,  Break studio “The DESK crew”,  Druskininkai Youth book’s  club,  “Girl’s club”, Informal group “Youth 7th” and other  young people are interested in art, journalism, music and poetry.

They have organized lots of events, cooperating projects, debates with politicians, youth band’s festivals, social actions creating Druskininkai Youth Park during this year.